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"My ex-boyfriend liked AVs and he'd always have a bunch in his room and we'd watch them together.Though it may sound a bit weird, I've always thought that Maiko Yuki looked really cute. So I guess I've always had an interest in being an AV gal. But the scouts around town were all losers and if you asked about the details, they would tell me that even if I starred in their AV I wouldn't become a real actress, so I didn't want to go along with them. But then someone came up to me and just told me "I'm a scout for AVs and..." and because he was so straight forward about it, I decided to hear him out. I had a test filming soon afterwards and then my debut was decided. Because I was ready for what I was going to do, I don't recall being really nervous at that time."

"My first time was with an upperclassman on my basketball team, and I didn't like him much afterwards."

"I was really focused into playing basketball back in my college days. I worked hard enough to win the local tournaments. There was an upperclassman in my team that I liked and we sorta began going out together. The first time I did it was in his room. I remember that his parents were in the room below us so we had to be be careful not to make too much noise. I'm sure it hurt, but I don't really remember that much about it. I went out with him for about three months, but I began to like him less and less after we've had sex. It was like I could see nothing in him but his faults. I broke up with him soon after that because I didn't want to be living a lie. I then started to go around and start having sex with a lot of other people..... " Read The Rest Inside Rika Aiuchi's Fanclub...


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